shredding the streets, one kickflip at a time


About Noah... 

Competitive Skateboarder & Instructor

USA Based: residing in CA & MT 

Pretty much born skateboarding (thanks mom & dad✌️), passionate competitor and teacher/mentor to ALL levels. Striving to be the best at this sport, Skateboarding not only makes me physically strong, but also gives me mental toughness and resilience. This is my #1 passion and through teaching I get to provide others the opportunity to feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. 

I love to skate, and instructing this sport has made me a stronger competitor. My students deserve that ultimate feeling & skateboarding experience too.

Lessons available from: 8am–Sunset, Sunday through Thursday

Currently booking Bay Area skateparks

Phone: [ 406-868-8539 ]

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Follow me on Instagram: [ @noahroberts406 ]

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Strive for the best. Enjoy the ride.

Skateboarders are known for being one of the most supportive and inclusive communities out there. Regardless of your skill level or background, skateboarders are always willing to lend a helping hand and offer encouragement. Whether it's cheering on a fellow skater as they land a new trick or offering tips and feedback to help someone improve, the skate community is all about lifting each other up. This sense of camaraderie and support is what makes skateboarding more than just a sport or hobby, but a way of life. And, although the team atmosphere at the bowl & on the street is great, I also find gratification in my independent achievements as well as my students. I take pride in the success of my students.

Why Skateboard? 

Skateboarding makes you strong mentally through improving your focus, determination, and problem-solving skills. Physically improves balance and coordination. Bonus - due to the physical demand, it leads to increased muscle strength and improves cardiovascular fitness. Although Skateboarding requires a lot of practice and perseverance, the process is so much fun... for ALL ages.

Book a Lesson:

Schedule a one-on-one and/or group personalized skateboarding lesson(s) for students of varying ages and skill levels. 

My process: I assess each student's abilities and develop a personalized lesson plan. Through encouragement and prioritizing students progress, you get proper technique including balance, foot placement, turning, tricks and more. Also, constructive feedback and excellent guidance. With me, you'll stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in skateboarding. Every student's learning path is unique and I cater to their preferences, be it visual, verbal, physical, and practical.

Safety is #1! Not only am I certified in child & adult first aid/cpr/aed, I also provide recommendations for the highest quality protective gear in a range of budgets.